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Office 365 Management

Secure Office 365 Delegated Administration

Control Office 365

The major problem with managing Office 365 is that you’re either a global admin or you’re nothing. This introduces risk as your entire support team needs access to all of your customers tenants, or delays as tickets get escalated for actioning. Enter Atria, for Office 365 management.

Comprehensive Delegated Administration

Atria allows Customers and the service desk to manage tenants, licenses, users and features of Office 365 – with no access to the admin portal. Reduce your risk, while still being able to effectively manage your customers.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Atria manages both your business and your hosting environment.

Service Plans

Create feature rich plans aganist each license that suit your customers and your business. Delegate down to customers and resellers

Manage License Features

Control which features of each Office 365 license are available per plan. Configure globally, and tweak per customer.

Add an Addon

In each service plan you can add relevant addons, building bundles and customised service offerings.

Tier 1 & Tier 2 CSP's

 Atria supports both Tier 1 & 2 CSP’s.  Manage licenses and users for both. Tier 1’s also get tenant & subscription management

Customer Creation

Easily add a customer, assign plans, choose quotas and leverage templates. Delegate to Resellers and your salesteam.

End Users - Easy

Assign prebuilt plans, setup fowarding, delegated admin rights and reply-to’s in a simple wizard driven experience.

Get Outlook working

Generated configuration file ensures outlook always works, even with challenging configurations.

Self Manage Exchange

Delegate down to customers Contacts, Distribution groups and public folders. Reduce your support costs and increase your value 

Brilliant Billing

Comprehensive billing reporting. Who did what and when did they do it. You can get to realtime billing if you desire. 

Lower Costs, Reduced Risk

Atria allows you to deliver the most efficient Hosted exchange service possible, where your customers self service, from creating users to managing distribution groups to password resets. Allow all of this, while minimising risk. No customer – or even service desk agent ever needs AD Admin access.

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