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Transition Process

CPSM license transition for current customers

Automate101 now has the exclusive rights to develop, support and license the CloudPortal Services Manager (CPSM) platform. We are committed to making the license transition process as easy as possible for existing CPSM customers.


Please contact us for more information about the transition process and/or to request a new license agreement with Automate101.


CPSM Reaches End Of Life At Citrix On 31 January 2019

Citrix Has licensed Automate101 to develop and Support CPSM

To Continue using CPSM You Need An Agreement With Automate101 Prior to 1 FebRUaRy 2019


Automate101 now Provide Development, Support, Service And Expertise To Partners Using CPSM

From 1 February 2019, Citrix no longer support CPSM. If you plan to continue using CPSM, contact us now to purchase licensing directly from Automate101.

Transition Window

From 1 January 2019, you are able to purchase your licensing and support for CPSM from Automate101. If you plan to continue using beyond the end of January – you must purchase licensing from Automate101.

Minimal Changes to pricing

Licensing should be very similar to present
There will be a range of support plans offered
A minimum monthly spend on Licensing and Support plans, equivalent of US$500 will be introduced.
We will offer pricing in USD, EUR, GBP, AUD and NZD depending on your location.

Improved Support

In recent times, support for this product has been under resourced – we have the expertise to provide resources who already have a deep knowledge of CPSM and how it supports your operations and systems. We have support systems and staff in place today.

Improved Direction

The team at Automate101 are the original designers and developers of the foundational ‘Cortex’ product, now named CPSM. We are experts in CPSM and the business you are in. We will bring a focus on CPSM which has been absent for years, building on its strengths and eliminating weaknesses – we will help you maintain your existing services but also work with you to deliver new services and opportunities.

Your Agreement with Automate101

In order to continue with CPSM, you will need to sign a new agreement with Automate101 prior to 1st February 2019. Due to volume and time constraints, we want to make this as straight forward as possible.

You can request an agreement now by completing our contact form

We can answer any questions related to the agreement and arrange meetings with you to discuss any aspect of the contract and transition process.

If you have complex procurement processes and will have difficulty signing a new contract, please let us know so we can ensure you have continued coverage before a final an agreement is put in place.

We are 100% focused on providing you with the best service possible. This may be difficult in such a short timeframe, considering the large volume of agreements to arrange. We apologise for any time pressure and appreciate your patience through this process.